Roger Goodell addresses COVID-19 outbreak

For the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak has turned the sports world and the real world on its head, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has addressed the topic.

Goodell’s comments were made in connection with the disclosure from Saints coach Sean Payton that he has tested positive for the virus.

“Our primary concern is for Sean’s health and well-being,” Goodell said. “He did the right thing by seeking medical attention and we wish him a speedy recovery. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as this pandemic continues that members of our NFL family will be directly impacted. This news underscores the importance of everyone following the advice from medical and public health experts to protect themselves and others.”

Yes it does, and it’s good that the man who runs the most powerful and popular sport in the nation has emphasized the importance of taking the situation seriously.

We all need to take it seriously. It’s not a flu. Obviously by now, it’s not a hoax. People are sick, people are dying. More will get sick, and more will die. We need to commit as a people to doing the one thing we’re all capable of doing incredibly well: Absolutely nothing at all.